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Flyer RS-Series HS

The stylish way to be out and about.

The FLYER TS Series enables you to get about elegantly and stylishly every day. With its strikingly understated élan and elegance, the FLYER TS Series the ideal e-bike for urban commuters. The e-bike was designed for people who want their journey from A to B to be dynamic and stylish. The graceful yet sophisticated design offers a unique modern lifestyle.



 Flyer RS Series

The FLYER RS Series combines unique features such as comfort, quality and design with a high level of robustness. The sporty and slim FLYER RS Series is not only impressive with its pearl grey and pearly white frames, but also with its high-quality components and comfortable seating position.

Its three-sensor concept continuously measures torque, pedal power and speed, thus constantly generating the perfect level of pedal assist. The large 28-inch wheels, robust frame and low centre of gravity guarantee an unparalleled smooth ride.

The perfectly tuned battery provides a long distance range for extensive tours, which means you can also enjoy longer rides with a high level of assistance. (Only CH) The options with pedal assist up to 45 km/h ensure that your commute is not only stylish but also speedy.

A wide range of accessories ensures that you can use this FLYER e-bike in all circumstances, whether you need to pop to the corner shop or ride to work. 

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