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Flyer TX-Series HS

The e-bike that can also take you off the beaten track.

Multiple awards confirm that the first touring e-bike with full suspension is ahead of its time. The FLYER TX Series meets the highest demands with style, premium-quality components and sporting performance. This e-bike will allow you to handle any path you encounter when out riding.



 Flyer TX Series

Whether on scenic roads or on forest paths off the beaten track, the FLYER TX Series provides comfortable cycling enjoyment. This stylish all-rounder will catch everyone's eye as you cycle around town. The sporty yet sophisticated design offers a unique and individual lifestyle. The first E-Fully trekking bike knows no limits, and allows you to experience stylish and comfortable riding enjoyment on all terrains. The full suspension of the FLYER TX Series handles all manner of uneven surfaces and even transforms bumpy paths into gentle country roads. The premium-quality lights are mounted high up on the bike to provide ideal illumination of the road so that you can enjoy ultimate safety. The outstanding quality of the FLYER TX Series is based on carefully selected premium-quality components. (Only CH:) The options with pedal assist up to 45 km/h ensure that your bike rides are not only stylish but also speedy.

The FLYER TX Series is sporty, sophisticated and of premium quality - and these elements all define its exclusivity. The TX Series is an e-bike that sets a luxurious accent.

A wide range of accessories ensures that you can use this FLYER e-bike in all circumstances, whether you need to pop to the corner shop or want to embark on a longer bike tour.

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