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Flyer C-Series

For maximum comfort on bike tours and in everyday life.

The upright seating position of the FLYER C Series, combined with the long distance range, is the ideal precondition for comfortable and extended e-bike tours. All its components are aimed at maximum comfort. The lowest step-through frame combined with the unparalleled stability of this series provides the highest level of the usual FLYER quality.



 Flyer C Series

The FLYER C Series offers maximum comfort with its curved ergonomic handlebars and upright seating position with the ultra-comfortable saddle. The perfectly tuned battery provides a long distance range for extensive e-bike tours. This means that you can enjoy longer tours with a high level of assistance.

With the lowest step-through frame on the market, this series is also suitable for smaller individuals who want a stable, yet elegant low step-through frame. This is supported by an ideal centre of gravity, a low saddle height and small wheels (26 inches). The FLYER C Series thus provides a particularly safe and smooth riding experience. The level of comfort is increased by the simple way the height of the handlebars can be individually adjusted.

The long wheelbase, wide tyres and premium quality of each individual component ensure a level of safety that guarantees perfect riding enjoyment.

A wide range of accessories ensures that you can use this FLYER e-bike in all circumstances, whether you need to pop to the corner shop or want to embark on a longer bike tour.

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