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Flyer T-Series

For maximum cycling enjoyment on longer tours.

A long bike ride is most fun when it's on a reliable e-bike. The FLYER T Series combines a long distance range with safe and stable riding and an extremely comfortable seating position. The wide range of models and frame shapes leaves nothing to be desired.



 Flyer T Series

With all its facets and components, the FLYER T Series is your first choice if you want to put together your own individual e-bike. Irrespective of which options and components you choose, you are guaranteed a unique balance between dynamics, safety, power, comfort and elegance. The FLYER T Series is agile, robust and graceful in all riding situations.

Whether with a low step-through frame, a men's frame or a trapeze frame, the slim 28-inch wheels have tyres with anti-flat technology and provide nothing but smooth rides. The perfectly tuned battery in the FLYER T Series provides a long distance range for extensive riding pleasure. This means that you can enjoy longer tours with a high level of assistance.

A wide range of accessories ensures that you can use this FLYER e-bike in all circumstances, whether you need to pop to the corner shop or want to embark on a longer bike tour.

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