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Flyer Flogo

The agile speedster for around town.

The prize-winning design of the FLYER Flogo almost leaves its sensational riding capabilities in the shade. The latter are almost as individual as its style. The FLYER Flogo is the most agile e-bike, which makes it ideal for urban areas. Moving swiftly and stylishly around town has never been easier. This one-size e-bike with sporty 20-inch wheels is suitable for anyone who is 150 to 190 cm tall.



 Flyer Flogo

The FLYER Flogo is unique. It is easily underestimated at a first glance. However, a closer look reveals exactly what this e-bike has to offer. It is fast, powerful and agile. A sophisticated e-bike that is ideally adapted to urban living and shows true class in its liveliness, design and compactness.

Full of high-quality components and equipped with a powerful drive, the FLYER Flogo is designed for maximum ergonomics, dynamics and comfort. This e-bike also provides a long distance range. The really special aspect is that a fully-fledged e-bike can be this compact. The Flogo is sure to draw admiring glances. It is not only impressive in its technical sophistication, but also in its unusual and robust elegance, which is underlined by its classy colours. (Only CH) The options with pedal assist up to 45 km/h ensure that your commute is not only stylish but also speedy.

A wide range of accessories ensures that you can use this FLYER e-bike in all circumstances, whether you need to pop to the corner shop or to stow your laptop away safely on your way to work.

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